PC rebooting - GPU or PS?

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PC rebooting - GPU or PS?

I've been fighting this for a while, but want to try to isolate the issue if I can before replacing parts.

The PC I usually use, which I built myself during 'covid summer', has been rebooting itself here and there.   I would occasionally come to it and find that it had rebooted overnight.

I think this may be a result from running Folding@Home, which really stressed the GPU, which then really stressed the power supply, which is a Corsair RMX-750.

The GPU is a Radeon 5700xt.

The most recent symptom, which has happened 2-3 times in the past several days, is a reboot immediately upon me hitting the keyboard to wake up the PC after the screens have turned off from lack of activity.    The PC would simply reboot itself.   Other times I sit down, wake the screen up and log in.  Windows 11, upgraded in place from a new Win 10 install when I built the PC.

Why do I suspect F@H?   Because it blew out the P/S in my previous PC.   In that case the rails supplying power to the GPU itself simply failed.  (Another Corsair RMX, either an 850 or a 750).   Nothing intermittent about it.

I suspect F@H in this case because the PC was rebooting itself a fair amount at night when it was running.  After I disabled it, the nighttime reboots mostly quit happening.

I'm leaning toward the P/S here, partly from history, partly from an extreme wish not to have to pull the motherboard.  I have a spare RMX-750, but am a bit reluctant to go to the effort of replacing it.   Still, it's a whole lot easier to replace than the m/b, especially because I can unplug the wires at the point they plug into the P/S and simply plug them into an identical replacement.

On the other hand, I might need a GPU.   For discussion sake, suppose I end up replacing it.  What would be a good choice in today's market?  I play zero video games, but do run Adobe products Lightroom, Premier Pro and Photoshop.   If there is a GPU that plays well with that software (and possibly Davinci Resolve) that isn't outrageously expensive (mid-range), I may get one to have a cold spare sitting on the shelf.  (Or replace the 5700xt and put in on the shelf as a spare.)

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