A7r2 IBIS does nothing - what am I doing wrong?

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A7r2 IBIS does nothing - what am I doing wrong?

Hello everyone,

I have been using the camera with both a 10mm and a 400mm manual lens and set the IBIS accordingly in the camera menu. I can feel it being active and "grabbing" the sensor - but images at 1/6s with the 10mm and 1/350s with the 400mm routinely come out blurred. That blur is due to camera shake, without any doubt - not subject movement.

I have been taking pictures for 20+ years, so I know how to hold a camera, how to position myself, and how to trigger the shutter without shaking the camera. I have typically managed about 1 stop better than 1/shutter speed. And yet with the 7r2 I get nothing I wouldn't get without any IBIS at all.

The promised 4.5 EV would give 2s with the 10mm and 1/20s with the 400mm. In reality, if I try such speeds, 0% of my pictures are usable.

I have set the focal length correctly, and even deactivated the mechanical shutter - no improvement. I have found no other pointers or settings. What am I doing wrong?


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