Rented P25 and 35-100 2.8: thoughts, samples, and advice needed

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Rented P25 and 35-100 2.8: thoughts, samples, and advice needed

I mostly wanted to compare the Panny 25mm 1.7 to my 20mm 1.7, as well as compare the 35-100 2.8 to my 45-150 4.0-5.6. I used them all on the G85 and GX85 recently and thought I'd share some thoughts:

My first impression of the 25 was how incredibly faster it focuses than my 20. I knew that it would, but it blew me away actually doing it. But as I used it more, the 25 just didn't seem to have the "pop" that my 20 has, and it pretty consistently felt less sharp when I did side by sides. The results weren't bad; they just seemed noticeably behind the 20 to me. Though it's also possible I was experiencing some of the focus shift issues I've read about.

25mm: Fine, but nothing to write home about

I was prepared to be unimpressed by the 35-100 and was worried that it would feel too big and heavy. I ended up feeling differently on both accounts. In side-by-side shots, it pretty easily trounced the 45-150. That shouldn't be surprising, of course, but I was kind of hoping that it wouldn't feel much better so I could go on just being blissfully ignorant about what I was missing. Some samples:

In my full resolution shot, the boater is super sharp, even at 100%.

I shoot lots like this of my kids in the lake.

In terms of the size and weight, the 35-100 felt lighter than I thought it would and seemed like a good fit on my G85. Certainly bigger and heavier than the 45-150, but not as crazy as I thought it might be in real life.

In the end I don't think I'll get the 25. I had previously rented the PL25 1.4, and while the focus speed seemed more in between the 20 and the 25 1.7, it was clearly much sharper than the 1.7, at least to me. I'll probably just stick with the 20.

I am however leaning toward buying a used copy of the 35-100. It's pretty pricey though, even used. Would anyone consider getting a cheap and used older full-frame or ASPC camera and long lens instead? I did a quick look and it seemed like a Canon 6D or Nikon D7000 series body could be found for less than the 35-100, though not sure about the older cheap telephoto lenses. I don't want to dive into an equivalence thing, but wondered if it's worth considering having a dedicated setup like that for the lake where I take so many shots like above. Do you have a 35-100 in either version 1 or 2 and love it? Thanks for any advice!

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