Panasonic G100 woes, help needed.

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Re: Panasonic G100 woes, help needed.

Thanks again guys.

I'm not a fan of taping the wheel down as I do need to use it for setting exposure compensation in aperture mode and shutter speed (or is it aperture) in manual mode.

I don't seem to have any handling issues with my GX9 or GX80 or even with the much smaller GM5 and it's just this back wheel on the G100 I've having issues with.

Last night I tried repositioning my thumb and training myself to be very careful (and you really shouldn't need to do this with a well designed camera) and I had fewer problems but it did still keep happening possibly more often when pressing a button or moving the focus point. I do still think this is a bad design badly implemented on a small camera but it is what it is and the camera does have good points, those being that nice evf and the small and light form factor and 20mp sensor.

I have looked at the Olympus range and found it very confusing with a plethora of similarly labelled with multiple letters and numbers options but I can't settle on either the M5 or M10 or any of the previous ones and although I've watched and read multiple reviews some questions remain unanswered as some reviewers seem to not even mention things which I'd place a high priority on. I was amazed to see that some of these Oly cameras are still afflicted with shutter shock. There are ways around this but they're just yet more hurdles to overcome.

I'm off out for an hour today so I'll take the G100 with me and take some pictures and see how I get on and if the jogging keeps happening in real world conditions it'll go back.

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