Lost my Car

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Here's the True story

Greetings Car Fans

We had a deal, if he Graduated high school with honors, and learned all about the car, then got into his college he wanted, then applied for loans he could take the car when he moved in September. So fast forward to 1 month ago, he graduated with honors, registered for college, and got 2 scholarships, enough to pay for the first 2 years free. Then he studied you tube videos, talked to me, went thru the car head to toe with me then went to the mechanic and talked to him for and hour or so. So a deal is a deal. The car goes to school.

When I went off to school I got a pair of shoes that I bought!!

He also discovered that the car is one of 7000 of this model imported into the U.S. It's a 1985 Mercedes Benz 300 CD Turbo Diesel


Roger J

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