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Highly recommend you try Lexar or Sandisk.

MacroDonata wrote:

Just got a refurb GR lllx from Ricoh.

Formatted the SD card, but every time I take a shot, I get this message: "Unable to store image" and the camera turns off.

It is a brand new PNY 16gb 10, u1 card, which came from a batch of five that I bought as emergency backups a few months ago. No problems with any of those in several other cameras.

I took another card from the same batch of PNY cards out of my GR ll and reformatted it in the lllx and got the same result. Put it back in the ll, reformatted it and it works as normal.

I have not yet attempted to format the card on my computer.

With no card in the camera, there is no issue using the internal memory. At the moment, I have no other brands of cards to try.

I've also noticed movement inside the body when I simply turn the camera over to access the SD/battery compartment. I'm certainly not handling the camera carelessly. If I do the same while the camera is on, it is not noticeable.

As the return window is only 14 days for Ricoh refurbs, I'd like some feedback on these issues.

Thanks in advance.

I know over time there's some brand-models of cameras that have had issues with specific brand - models of SD cards. You may want to try with a name-brand model. Just buy a cheap 2 GB one or so.

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