Who would buy a Nikon Z (DX) a la D500?

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Re: Who would buy a Nikon Z (DX) a la D500?

MikeP7000 wrote:

I'm not sure it makes sense to make DX-specific "Pro" cameras any more. With sensors as good as they are, a high mp FF with DX mode makes the most sense, IMO. I think this is essentially a future variant of the Z7, but with trickle down technology from the Z9. Alternatively, a new model that is aimed specifically at wildlife and sports shooters, with reduced video capability; I'd buy that, if it was priced well.

I love my D500 but would like to benefit from the eye tracking capability of modern cameras.

But the high mp FF Z7 and Z9 do not match the Pixel Density of the D500!  A Z9 is 19MP in DX mode, which is LESS Pixel Density.  Shouldn't we get an upgrade in Pixel Density when shelling out for a new camera? ... I insist upon it!

You can't say it's not doable, when Fuji and Canon have done it.  The Canon R7 is a "C" sensor camera with 33 MP, and a lot of PRO features. Fuji has had 26MP "C" sensor, pro level cameras for awhile.


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