Looking for help: which Yashica Electro 35 is this?

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Re: Looking for help: which Yashica Electro 35 is this?

It certainly looks from your graph that the meters working, but you can’t quite tell for the 1000ASA point if it’s just a sample error or the same value.  If you do the 1/30s light trick you should be able to tell.  Switching between 500 and 1000 ASA should require an extra stop to get the camera shake light to come on.

I’d forgotten that the exposure meter on the Electro is part mechanical. If yours is working correctly at 1000ASA, and given that there’s at least two, it would suggest that it’s more of a factory change / repair rather than something someone’s done at home.  The Yashica Guy web site says that there were two G models, one with the separate rewind and back opening, and one with a combined one, so maybe yours was something similar, a sort of changeover model.

We forget now, when every minor  change in digital cameras gets a new version number, that years ago manufacturers didn’t bother so much.  So the Nikon F was made for about 15 years and had a number of changes, but they’re known by non-factory names “red dot”, “Apollo”, etc, Nikon just called it the F.  Maybe Yashica did something similar.

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