Looking for help: which Yashica Electro 35 is this?

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Re: Looking for help: which Yashica Electro 35 is this?


thanks for your reply and suggestion!

I've measured the exposure times (not pretending to be precise here...) chosen by the camera in "constant" artificial light conditions at different ASA values and they scale quite reasonably as expected, apart from the point at 1000 ASA (the first on the left):

Regarding the point at 1000 ASA, maybe the deviation there has something to do with the light flicker. I do need to use a better constant-light source next time, like a LED powered at constant current. Apart from this, it seems that the selector still has an effect even beyond 500 ASA.

The selector is entirely mechanical on this cameras. It just opens or closes a small window in front of the light sensor.

Maybe as you suggested the ASA selector was actually replaced with one from a newer model. Also, considering the picture that you linked in your answer, I wander if this mod was sort of common at some point to extend the ASA scale.


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