Z9 8K 60P NEV processing Wisdom: M1 Ultra vs. Max (and DaVinci vs. EDIUS)

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Re: Z9 8K 60P NEV processing Wisdom: M1 Ultra vs. Max (and DaVinci vs. EDIUS)

If you are serious about the nomadic part and not constrained by finance - then I think the right solution would be something like

1 MBP M1 Max for rough editing - maybe with a M1 iPad Pro for external colour display (can be used as colour grading display with next iOS 16) - with correct media setup I think you can make it work.

2. 1 or more stacked Ultra's - to do the processing and maybe the effects (Resolve can spread out work between multiple "servers")

3. With latest Resolve 18 - BM have introduced BM Cloud. BM Cloud can be run "individually" - so a BM Cloud Pod for disk interface. (https://www.blackmagicdesign.com/uk/products/blackmagiccloudstore/blackmagiccloudpod)

If money is no object the the larger Blackmagic Cloud Store 20TB or larger would not be bad. With built in switch and 4x 10Gbit ethernet you have pretty good network connection. https://www.blackmagicdesign.com/uk/products/blackmagiccloudstore

Then Sonnet Solo 10G or similar for your Mac's and you have very fast networking to edit from.

But as I have not tried the above setup yet - I can not vouch for the functions.

But it would automate loading off files from camera to the "BM Cloud Server" and then you had a fast medium to work on. And all Resolve Projects would be on that server so you could use any connected computer with Resolve to work on those projects.

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