Looking for help: which Yashica Electro 35 is this?

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Re: Looking for help: which Yashica Electro 35 is this?

According to Yashica Guy ( http://www.yashica-guy.com/document/chrono.html )

“The tell-tale identifier of the prior Electro 35, and the G and GT versions is the sculptured recess on the bottom plate.” The GT is all black so that would suggest a G or straight Electro 35. Yours also looks like it has a separate door release and rewind, and the test button/ light of the prior to GS model.

Maybe someone has put a later film speed indicator dial on it ? If you have a light meter you can test the meter on the camera. The camera shake indicator comes on around 1/30s, so set the film speed and then find out what f/stop will give 1/30s using the meter, then see if the light comes on at the right f/stop on your Electro. Do this for the 1000ASA setting and see if it’s really 1000ASA or just the wrong dial.

Edit: although it looks like yours might not be the only one - https://imgur.com/gallery/g6ruyMc

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