Who would buy a Nikon Z (DX) a la D500?

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Re: Who would buy a Nikon Z (DX) a la D500?

MikeP7000 wrote:

I'm not sure it makes sense to make DX-specific "Pro" cameras any more. With sensors as good as they are, a high mp FF with DX mode makes the most sense, IMO. I think this is essentially a future variant of the Z7, but with trickle down technology from the Z9. Alternatively, a new model that is aimed specifically at wildlife and sports shooters, with reduced video capability; I'd buy that, if it was priced well.

I love my D500 but would like to benefit from the eye tracking capability of modern cameras.

I was going to say that, then thought, nah, who'd want that?

The main thing is the readout speed of the sensor.  Can you effectively match or exceed the AF/AE performance of a D500 with a 1/60s readout (DX).  You probably need the stacked sensor or you need an expensive mechanical shutter that is going actuate 2 times for each shot instead of just once.  If you put the Z9's sensor in a Z7 body (no mech shutter), can you get by with dual Expeed6 processors if you only need 10-15fps in DX, or is the Expeed7 necessary?

Would a $3500 Z7 III appeal to anyone if it had a sport/wildlife DX mode with real D500 AE/AF performance?  If you don't need a FF @ 20fps with AF tracking, but like FF for a portion of your work, then this "Z900" would also be a slower FF camera (Z7) for landscape/portraits.

If this is in the pipeline it probably won't happen until the Z9's production is matching demand.  No sense in redirecting those sensors into a $3500 camera when you can't make $5500 cameras fast enough.

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