Question fro Macro shooters on the R5.

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Re: Question fro Macro shooters on the R5.

I use it on the RP, but it’s the same function.

The focus increment is effectively the amount of overlap of the focal plane based on the depth of field as determined by the aperture, focal length, and subject distance. I tend to think of it as percentage of overlap, but reversed. With 1 being 90% overlap (the smallest increment) and requiring the highest number of images to fully cover your subject. 10 being almost no overlap and requiring the fewest number of images to cover your subject. The default is 4, which seems to be very workable for most semi macro (flowers and such) that I’ve done. I’m guessing 60% overlap.

As far as number of shots, you can put in 999 (I think) and it will stop once focus reaches infinity. Or guess based in depth of field and depth of your subject. I find 25-50 shots is workable for most subjects I’ve done. I use the shots that fully cover my subject and delete any extras. If my last image isn’t as deep as I want, I’ll hit the shutter again and it will pick up where I left off continuing the sequence for 25 or 50 more shots. And I again, delete extras.

I haven’t found a good explanation for exposure smoothing, but I check it. I assume it makes an effort to account for any exposure changes in the frames caused by light changes or whatever.

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