Laptop/camera bag for travel with rf 100-500 mounted

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Re: Laptop/camera bag for travel with rf 100-500 mounted

MattD47 wrote:

I've got a r7 and rf 100-500 on order (who knows how long 'til I get it). I was looking for some recommendations on a back pack for travel to hold my workstation 15" laptop (~1" thick) and the camera with the lens mounted. I'm not looking for anything flashy ideally. We travel internationally most years and I don't want to make myself a target while roaming around.

I would strongly recommend that you don't look for a bag that will take your R7 with the 100-500mm lens mounted for two reasons.  The main reason is that having the lens mounted greatly increases the risk of damaging the lens at the mount if you drop your bag or something falls on it.  If pressure is put on the end of the lens when it is mounted and the body can't move, the lens is liable to break off at the mounting plate - lenses are designed that way because it minimises the damage.  I have had this happen to me during a trip and now never travel with a long lens mounted.

The second reason is that, in my experience, the requirement to have a long lens mounted reduces your choice of bag and the flexibility to fit other things into the bag.

This will be my first ILC camera, and currently I'm not planning to get many lenses, maybe a macro lens at some point. So I don't need a ton of space for other lenses, but it would be great to store my other electronics and binos.

The best advice for choosing a bag used to be to take all the gear that you want to carry into a camera store and try out different bags until you find one that takes everything.  Unfortunately, camera stores with a significant collection of bags are difficult to find nowadays, but check whether there any any near you.

If you want to get bag recommendations here, ask on the Canon R Mount forum where you will at least find photographers with the RF 100-500mm, although not many will yet have an R7.  However, your other space requirements are too vague, so you need to specify at least how many other lenses you want to be able to fit in and what "electronics" as well.  Most bag manufacturer's sites will show images of what can be fitted into the bag, as will bag review sites.  If you visit photo locations with other photographers around, try asking what bags they have and what they can fit into them.

I would also like a smaller bag to just hold the camera with lens mounted, and spare batteries, etc. I've been using the Lowepro Toploader Zoom 50 AW II for my RX10 and love it, but it won't fit the bigger lens. The newer version that's big enough doesn't have the nice front pocket that I use for chargers/batteries/etc. which is a huge bummer.

Compromise.  Find somewhere else in the bag or on your person to store the batteries.

If you are going to travel with this bag, then heed my other warning above on travelling with a mounted lens.  Shooting out the back of a car should be OK though.

Best of luck.  Unless you have a camera store nearby with lots of bags, finding the "ideal" bag is not easy and may require some trial and error.

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