***Mini Challenge 674*** Shot within the last 30 days - Part 2

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***Mini Challenge 674*** Shot within the last 30 days - Part 2

Anticipating a great flood of entries, I thought it prudent to open the second thread befoe the first jams up at 149 posts - it's currently at 141. So here are the rules again...


Having won Greg's challenge with a shot that I have entered several times, and won with more than once, I'm feeling ashamed of myself - I need to get out and take more photos, particularly since I've just bought a different camera.

So, I've decided to challenge you all to do what I ought to be doing.

The title of this challenge is ***Shot within the last 30 days*** and it means what it says. I do not care what the subject is, I simply want your latest efforts. Any photo taken on or after June 2, 2022 is eligible. Images shot on the day they are submitted will be looked at very favourably. By the time the challenge ends, shots taken on June 2 will, of course, be 37 days old - this is acceptable.

This challenge will end on Saturday July 9, 2022 at Midnight GMT

The basic rules:

Maximum 3 Entries and/or as many exhibits as you want.

Photos must have been taken by you and may have been taken on any device and processed in any way, including tricky stuff like composite images and photo-manipulation.

A story-line to accompany your entries will be gratefully received and will affect the outcome of the challenge

Please state in header whether image is an entry or exhibit. Non-labelled examples will be assumed to be exhibits. Please, consider submitting your images as "Entries".

Post all images using the "Reply to Thread" button below this post.

Awards: Honorable Mentions will be selected from both Exhibits and Entries. First, Second and Third places will be selected only from entries. The coveted Dishonorable Mentions could be selected from either category. [I like this new rule, Greg!]

Grand Prize: The first place winner has the "privilege" of creating and hosting the next Challenge and has 3 days to begin it. The winner can respond to the host with a forum post or PM. If the winner does not respond in 3 days, or declines to host, the second place winner becomes the next host. If the second place winner declines to host, the third place winner becomes the next host.

I look forward to seeing your work!


Having been without a camera of any kind for the last few months, the only examples I can offer are some clumsy captures I've made while checking out the controls of the one I've just bought - so these would not fare very well in my judging, but they do have the required qualification, as a quick glance at the metadata that shows when you touch them with the cursor will reveal - they are all dated after 02/06/2022.

Getting a handle on the depth of field of my new APS-C camera...

View: original size

A rose...

View: original size

Extreme DOF - shot today...

View: original size

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