Gelling the light source for B&W scanning

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Re: Gelling the light source for B&W scanning

JimKasson wrote:

spilla wrote:

JimKasson wrote:

With light sources anywhere near D50, when scanning B&W negatives or positives, the green raw channels saturates well before the red and blue ones. It occurred to me that gelling the light source might even this out, and give me a higher SNR in the scans. I've ordered a couple of Rosco Minus Green filters to experiment with.

Has anyone else tried this? If do, did it help?


I find this interesting, but I’m ignorant of some basics. Is SNR limiting for this application? It seems like it should already be quite high with little room for additional improvement.

There's always room for improvement. Whether any improvement would material is another thing. I don't really know about that last.

If so, wouldn’t another solution be exposure bracketing?Perhaps the limitation there is all the processing along with focus stacking which I know you already do,

Yes. The workflow is complex enough without adding exposure bracketing. Gelling the light source would not impact the workflow at all.

Well I’m interested to see the results. Even though I don’t scan film, I enjoy following along with your process and scans.

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