Gelling the light source for B&W scanning

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Re: Gelling the light source for B&W scanning

JimKasson wrote:

JimKasson wrote:

With light sources anywhere near D50, when scanning B&W negatives or positives, the green raw channels saturates well before the red and blue ones. It occurred to me that gelling the light source might even this out, and give me a higher SNR in the scans. I've ordered a couple of Rosco Minus Green filters to experiment with.

Has anyone else tried this? If do, did it help?

Here's what a raw histo looks like with no gel.

Looks like you are 65% down in the red and 25% down in the blue.  So you are losing 22% of potential signal, and could get a theoretical 12% bump in SNR from an ideal illumination.

I've briefly tried to tune the color temp of my source when shooting black and white test targets but couldn't get all channels even with this method.

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