The Sea was angry that day...

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The Sea was angry that day...

Hi everyone, we are having a run of wild windy and rainy weather in our parts at the moment. We had to head into town so I added the Em1ii and new to me 75-300ii in the car for the trip.

The light was flat but the surf wild and I was surprised to find a few hardy souls out in the line up hoping to find a ridable waves in the chaotic ocean. It would be more of a challenge for the lens than my first day with it, as the surfers where further away, too far really and the light flat and mostly dull. Still its new and I am trying to get a handle on what it can and cannot do, so let's take a few frames.

First up this bodyboarder caught the best waves and even a little light too.

The surfers where having a tougher time of it with lots of water moving in the take off zone.

The end section was not much better.

This guy found a clean exit.

For this guy not so...

Hands up if you are about to eat sand

I only stopped for ten minutes or so and thanks to silent shooting (in Low mode!) I shot 500 plus images

Nothing great but a good learning shoot with the lens, still seams like a bit of a bargain that easy to live with and can deliver some results.


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