battery grip for R7?

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Re: battery grip for R7?

Heritage Cameras wrote:

Mark B. wrote:

R2D2 wrote:

It'd be nice to have the full suite of controls of course, but I'm sure Canon wanted to keep costs to a minimum (to hit their price point), and also to maintain product line segmentation (between the R7 and its big FF brothers).

But...why the segmentation with the R bodies when they didn't do so with DSLRs?

Actually Canon did do this with the DSLR range, but not in a logical fashion.

Early models all had grips available, but the late EOS 77D, 800D and 850D don't. Also, the compact EOS 100D/200D/250D don't have grips. The EOS 1100D to 1300D, 2000D and 4000D don't either, but I'm sure I remember reading somewhere that at least some of these have contacts for a grip.

The 77D was a bit of an anamoly in that it was really the only xxD that really should have been an xxxD as the feature set made it an entry-level body; the xxxD and xxxxD series were entry-level so it makes sense that they didn't have a grip.  The xxD, as well as the very first consumer model D30 all had grips available.  So to me it still doesn't make sense that the R7 does not have one, as it's obvious the R10 is going to occupy crop entry level and the R7 at least a mid-tier if not top crop model.

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