Used camera stabilized for street photography and video

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Re: Used camera stabilized for street photography and video

JonSnow92 wrote:

Thank you for your reply.
Do you know something about the LX100 or GX880?

Do these cameras have any video stabilization system?

Not a LX100 owner. AFAIK it should has stabilization on lens for still photo shooting and on top of it, has electronic stablization on video recording as well. This is not optical stabilization but a software based correction feature. Hence it will use a smaller frame to leave rooms for software adjustment (i.e. extra video cropping).

I don't think fixed lens compact cameras of Panasonic use IBIS sensor.

GX880, is the entry class interchangeable lens camera of Panasonic M43 system. While all Panasonic ILCs are using a floating sensor for 5-axis IBIS now, GX880 (or its successor GF10, and it's extended line G100) is the only exception. Similar to LX100, it uses lens stablization (so an IS lens has to be mounted) for photo shooting. On video, it can use e-stablization on top of lens IS. BTW it has restriction on length of 5 mins on 4K recording because of its lower processing power.

For other Panasonic ILCs, e.g. GX85/GX9, G85/G95, G9, GH5/GH5s/GH5 mk-II/GH6, they have IBIS, lens IS and DUAL IS (a combination of IBIS + Lens IS) for still shooting and video as well. They of course would support e-stablization on video but the powerfulness is relatively minor to those optical stabilization.

While some members mentioned GX8, I would like to add that since it is one of the earliest Panasonic ILCs starting to offer IBIS, it is only for still photo shooting and 1080 video only. On 4K, IBIS will be disabled, so can use lens IS and e-stabilization only.

IMHO, IBIS could provide a more steady shooting environment than Lens IS specially on run and gun style of video shooting. If video is your major interest, look for an IBIS camera.

If size doesn't matter you, I might suggest to look at G85 (cheaper) or its current successor G95. Both support DUAL IS 2 (the most effective stablization system of Panasonic), has mic port for external microphone and better video AF on 4K.

GX85 (GX880, a.k.a. GF9 indeed is a GF line camera, not a real GX line model) is another good and cheap option. But it has no mic port (rely on the built in mic), while excellent AF on 1080 its AF struggles on 4K video (need more careful handling, a processing power issue?).

All of these higher spec models (vs GX880) have either 30 min 4K recording time (on GX85 because of EU tax reason) and no time limit (on G85) respectively. They also support full P/S/A/M video shooting rather than the dummy auto video shooting of GX880. They are much more advance models for video.

My 2 cents.

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