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stevet1 wrote:

From what I've read, the image stabilization in your lens fights with the autofocus in your camera; and the reason your turn off IS when mounted on a tripod, is that you want your camera to be completely motionless.

But if I have disabled the autofocus by switching to MF, what does the image stabilization have to fight with? Surely the electronic IS can't reach up and manually turn your focus ring.

My thinking is that if you are on a tripod, and your turn on the manual focus on your lens, you don't have to mess with the IS switch at all.

Steve Thomas

I guess IS could maybe fight with AF (depending on the implementation), but IS moves in an X-Y plane and AF along the Z axis (viewed from behind). In other words, left-right / up-down vs. forward-backward.

So IS has nothing to do with focus, at least on my Canon system. You don't want it wandering when the camera is on a tripod, so that's why it should be turned off.

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