BIFs, Mating Birds, Hummingbird, Damsel and Dragonflies (7/4/22)

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BIFs, Mating Birds, Hummingbird, Damsel and Dragonflies (7/4/22)

Moving on to the next wetlands set - these from Feb 26th and with a mix of species with some perched birds, flying birds, mating birds, and bugs too.

All shots here taken with the A6600 and the FE 200-600mm G OSS combo, and are posted at 1800 pixels on the long side if you view them in original size:

Despite being our largest woodpecker, I don't see the pileated woodpeckers as often as the others, so it's always exciting when I get a chance to shoot one - even if it's just a brief opportunity

An osprey circling high overhead, always watching the water below for fish

It's always challenging finding hummingbirds in the wild, not near any feeders.  I happened to get lucky and find this ruby-throated hummingbird sampling some flowers

The 200-600mm is not the optimal lens for shooting a tiny bird only 15-20 feet from you, in poor light - but it can still do the job in a pinch!

This little lady, a belted kingfisher, was perched very far away - but was at least being very still - so I took a few shots from about 280 feet, at 600mm, and then cropped nearly 100% just to get her this big in the frame.  I normally wouldn't crop down to 1:1 pixel, but the resolution on this lens is very good and can still deliver pretty good results

Had the opposite problem with this yellow-crowned night heron sitting in the shade - it was just 5 feet away, so even at 200mm I had to back up as much as I could (about 9 feet was as far back as I could go as I was on a boardwalk) to get the whole bird in the frame

As I love the eyes on these birds, I thought it might be fun to zoom in to 450mm from just 9 feet away, to get a closeup.  In the eye's pupil, you can see the boardwalk, and me standing on it, with the sky behind.

A lovely male palm warbler, still coming into his full breeding colors - the yellow on the rump and around the face, along with the rusty cap, are their summer breeding colors - we usually see them much more dull greyish and white

The subtle but lovely iridescent colors of the glossy ibis really stand out when the sun hits them, like this one flying past

The native purple gallinules are getting squeezed by the invasive grey-headed swamphens...but these two gallinules are doing their part to expand their species, mating right in front of me

One of the few bugs I like to photograph regularly - dragonflies are always interesting and cool to me.  This blue dasher perched at the end of a reed was a perfect subject

A bug I don't photograph nearly as often - one because I often don't even see them, and two because I know less about them - but if you do find one and take a shot, you'll find these tiny damselflies have the same colors and varieties as dragonflies...just much much smaller!

A green heron taking a pause from fishing, and resting a leg

A female grackle flying up from the water

A great egret flying low over the water with a branch for its nest - I like how the water ripples and patterns reflected the mottled shadows on the bottom of the egret's wings

Comments, questions, and critique welcomed as always!

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