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Re: Aardenburg test result quality

NAwlins Contrarian wrote:

...I hope Mark McCormick of Aardenburg, who sometimes posts here, comes to defend his work. But you can read all about the methodology at the Aardenburg website ( By all means, please read up, e.g.:

form your own conclusions, and post what you think. But my own take is that, for what is tested (e.g., Aardenburg doesn't do ozone exposure tests), the Aardenburg data is the best there is--or certainly in any case the best of which I'm aware. IMO, Mark understands well the issues you raise, e.g. validation of methodology and variability.

Thank you NAwlins Contrarian for your comments and support.  You have done your homework on Aardenburg Imaging, and indeed a very deep dive into the Aardenburg test results database with commendable insights, whereas JrKliny is quick to criticize my research without a thorough understanding of the subject matter.

Prior discussions with this person have made me realize it's not worth my time to try to change his point of view.  He thinks Aardenburg's testing lacks QC control, statistical replication, and even validation of the testing method from my scientific peers. I will simply say to others reading this thread that JrKliny is wrong on all counts, but DpReview isn't the proper venue to rehash all that yet again. And if Petruska is correct, i.e., that nobody cares about print permanence anymore, then it makes the whole discussion even more pointless.

I would also encourage readers of this thread to look at JrKliny's own personal light fastness testing methodology he described in this thread. Did he practice any rigorous scientific methods in his own testing? Yet he trusts those results more than the results available at Aardenburg. Need I say more?

kind regards,

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