Sony a7R IV "Pixel Shift" vs. Fuji GFX 100MP

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Re: correct - PixelShift is the poor man's ( small ) medium format

joger wrote:


4x PixelShift will enhance the signal to noise ratio by roughly 1 .. 1 ½ stops - that's more than the sensor advantage of 1.25x and thus an A7R IV can be equally or better in noise than a GFX 100


Just like to echo the endorsement of 4x pixel shift over 16x (and single shot). I find the 16x creates a pretty nasty pattern effect most times - a sort of checkerboard of slightly different tones (and yes - only when pixel peeping at 200%). The 4x has never done this for me, the image is clean at all peeping levels (assuming no camera movement during the capture sequence).

Initially, I only used 4x pixel shift for hi-resolution microscopy with monochromatic blue light. The shorter wavelength (~450 nm) delivers much better resolution and 4x shift ensures "real" blue data is captured for every pixel in the final image, not one true blue pixel in four - with the other three "interpolated" from R, G and G in the bayer matrix.

Furthermore, I once accidentally left the camera in 4-shot pixel mode while shooting at moderate resolution in white light. The striking improvement over single shot was very surprising! I can't say resolution is improved - but it sure *looks* like it is! As if the bayer decode of single-shot is losing data/detail due to "inventing" two of the colours (R, G or B) for every pixel.

So nowadays, if I'm cropping to <500 pixels or so (because the subject or area of interest is that small and can't be usefully magnified any further on-sensor), I routinely use 4-shot shift on the microscope - whatever colour the light is. For static subjects, anyway.

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