Sony A7RIV video questions?

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Sony A7RIV video questions?

I remember trying to research this when I first got the Sony A7RIV however a lot happened in my life and I never really got to use the camera. I got it a few months ago and did a few test shots but not much. I come from the Canon world, also a photographer wanting to learn about video. Although I'm not stupid to it, I am good at grading log footage, etc.

I have read that shooting in Super 35mm allows for a more crisp image. I am good with that. However, I cannot seem to find if that is the case in 1080p HD in the 120FPS or 100FPS PAL mode? I tried testing this myself and it looked to me like the HD looked better in full frame, but I could be wrong and it could just be the shots I took. I will be using 1080p 120fps and 60fps when I need slow motion.

Another thing is, this is an 8-bit camera, so some people say don't use Log. But if you do, you want to use Slog 2 and not 3 correct?

I did my own test on that theory yesterday and I discovered that you should use Log if you are outside but you don't have to use log inside. When I tried to use Standard profile with no PP profile outside, the zebra's showed the sky over exposing quickly and the person I was recording wasn't really even in the shadows, just under a roof on a porch and they were greatly under exposed but if I exposed them correctly the sky was way too blown out.

I put it on S-Log 2 and this fixed it, I graded it and it looked great. Now, I have heard you can get away with that with 8 bit but for some reason not S-Log 3? What is the big difference in the two?

I also did the HLG profile Rec2020 and converted it to 709 and graded it. It worked great too but it seemed to allow me to have less dynamic range than S-Log 2.

Last but not least, should one use S-Log in 1080p? Considering it seems to have less information.


So, I read the Sigma 85 1.4 Art (the new version) was much better than the G master and so I bought it. I have not received it yet but I read it had some pincushion distortion. That of course can be fixed easily with the lightroom profile.

What I'm worried about is with video. Has anyone shot video with this lens?

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