X-H2s First job impression / Control comments

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X-H2s First job impression / Control comments

I brought the X-H2s on an assignment for the first time yesterday, shooting it in conjunction with X-T4 and T3.

First and foremost I’m happy with the camera, and I look forward to getting it under my skin.

Secondly though… I do have to give in and back some of the criticism about the ergonomics, or design idea.

So, for the T-series love the traditional handling. But, I'm actually FOR the more “Modern SLR/Hybrid” ergonomic path when it comes to a more “workhourse” kinda camera.

BUT I think that the departure went a step to far. I think that it's very likely that a lot of people are gonna use the X-H2s together with a X-T camera. And swapping between the two series is so different in handling, that for me it has become an annoyance. I DO think that most of that annoyance will be ironed out when I get the ergos in under my skin. But as I see it, a lot of the hiccups could have been avoided.

Heres a list:


There is no real reason X-H2s could not have a sub-dial under PSAM. Yesterday i kept pausing when looking for the DRIVE mode, Especially while in Electronic Shutter mode (I was shooting a classic concert).. When in ES-mode there is no indication of shooting speed, so having the external control to ensure what DRIVE mode you are in would have made my day easier. Fujifilm wanna push the C1-7 usage and I see how it can be a great idea to have C1-7 remember different drive modes, but this could be offset by including a “C-M (Custom-Memory”) on the sup-dial. This would have made everyone happy.

2. Exposure compensation:

So, I think there is a theoretical reason Fujifilm killed it, and it makes… theoretical sense, but not practical sense.. Here goes, in Manual mode exposure compensation has (almost..there is Auto ISO, tho) no place. So it's not needed, but in P, S and A mode you will have a free command dial that is not in use, and that is now your exposure dial.. That's the Idea, but I don't think it works well. Like i wrote earlier a lot of photographers are gonna use this camera together with a T series and the muscle memory of where to reach is challenged hard here, sure every one can get used to this with time. But we didn’t REALLY have to. I think Fujifilm could have squeezed a dedicated +/-. Sure you can customize your way out of this.. But then i'm a custom button or two short PLUS the visual dedication of +/- is important for me, this could be a button or a dial I don't really mind.

3. WB:
has a dedicated button now, GREAT… But I keep pressing the right’est D-Pad, that's where it is on X-T and where it will stay (cuz there ain't nowhere else) . I imagine this will take forever to brain-revert for me, and stay an annoyance for a long time, or ill D-Pad it and have a useless WB button.

4. ISO:
Now… the ISO button I CAN get used to… and then not. Because it has two flaws that I hope will get firmware fixes

4.1: Its push and dial. You have to look at the LCD or EVF to change ISO. I am SO used to Nikon way of doing this.. And it's frankly better.. The Fix: make push/hold an option. Give an enlarged top screen ISO indication while ISO button is held down, when not held down.. Go back to normal. This is how ALL other brands work, some have Fujis way as an customization option.

4.2. The ISO dialing is the wrong way as to what I’d expect, and I can’t reverse this in the menu… I get what Fujifilm says about it turns the same way as the ISO dial of Fujifilm cameras.. But my brain turns the other way.. And from what I can gather, i'm not alone.

5. Joy-stick:

Fujifilm is terrible at keeping a consistent ergo/bottun placement. They often swap the placement of buttons for no obvious reason or with no great gain.. X-T3 and 4 have AF-ON AE-L and Q swapt around like someone throwing dice. In this case they threw the Joy-stick in the mess, This can all be gotten used to, it’s just annoying and I don't see gain in the rearrangement.

That’s it, my Ergo/Control/Design rant, I’m otherwise impressed with especially the Autofocus. The EVF is nice, but you only really notice it when you then afterwards pick up a T series, that have all of a sudden been degraded

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