Dear Fujifilm: it's time to launch the 'Fujinger'

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Dear Fujifilm: it's time to launch the 'Fujinger'

Dear Fujifilm,

You just launched a great camera, the X-H2S. It's going to do well, and I am sure it will attract lot's of wildlife and some sports photographers to the brand.

I have even seen it's AF compared favourably to the mighty Nikon Z9 (but that was on YouTube, so 'what-evs').

If I were a sports-pro*, I might be looking at the Z9, but I would have to be thinking that right now I could order two X-H2S's with grips for the price of one Z9.

Except.... there are 400, 500 and may be 800 reasons why I wouldn't choose your camera over the Nikon.

I am sorry, but a 150-600 f/8 zoom just doesn't cut it. I can't control the background in a sports venue and that aperture doesn't give me enough options to blur out distracting crowds/advertising/players. Your only fast tele is too short (I although it would be nice to have that 200mm on the second body I could afford), and you have no other fast teles on your roadmap.

So, please please please, go talk to to those nice, helpful people at Fringer. Do a deal to license the manufacturer of their excellent EF and Nikon F adapters. Work with them to make WR versions, shouldn't be too difficult, just a rubber gasket on the non-pro EF and F versions (although the EF Pro with it's physical aperture ring possibly plays better to your brand values, so may be do that one too).

License it for 3 or 5 years, or however long you need to bosh out a super duper 400 f/4 lens. Don't make it too flashy, we don't need PF elements, we have APS format, so making smaller lenses than FF doesn't need this fancy stuff. A built-in TC would be nice, but don't sweat it, a matched one will do.

There you go, the 'Fujinger' is born

*But I'm not, and I have a Fringer, and an X-H2S and I'm lovin' it

Side note to Sigma:

Is it time to make a Fujifilm mount 500 f/4? Come on, you just made mirrorless versions of your excellent 150-600, and you just launched some Fuji X lenses. So you understand the mount now, you have excellent lenses to build on and nearly all the rest of the parts are already in your parts bin. You just need to chop the mount off and fix a new one

OK, so the 500mm is unnecessarily big and heavy for APS, but there is literally NO competition (other than a good but niche adapter) and you are a big mainstream brand who could really make this happen.

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