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Re: Q2 JPEG and Raw file size

tapirek wrote:

Woodman100 wrote:

[...] In the Q2 the Raws are simply beautiful right out of camera, the best Raw files I have used period. However the Jpegs lack contrast and are quite lack lustre in comparison. [...]

There is no such thing as raw being beautiful out of camera. Raw doesn't have a "look" on its own.

How you see raw is solely based on application you're using. You either are looking at embedded preview (which is identical to OOC JPEG), or there is some magic happening in the image viewer that is doing raw conversion with some default parameters.

So when you say you "like the look of leica raw file", it means you "like the look of leica raw file as it is interpreted by the app you use to view it."


  • keep shooting raw
  • keep using the same app to view your files
  • if the app has export capabilities you may use it on your raw files to get jpegs that should look the way you want.

In order to mitigate raw size problem you can use Adobe DNG Converter and lossless compression (but not LOSSY!!!). That brings down dng file size from ~90MB to ~50MB in some cases, however you do that, first read about some possible drawbacks. (HINT, there are some concerns about compatibility of such converted files with non Adobe software, however I never had any problems and I do compress my dngs since day one I got leica Q2).

Agreed. Note that you can compress DNGs in place by running Metadata Update (or similar, ask me if unclear) from within Lightroom Classic.

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