Refilling Epson P5000

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Who cares? Those of us who do.

One question...........

What percentage of the population really cares about fading?

I agree that many, very probably most, people don't care much about how long a print will last / at what rate it will fade. Just as surely, many people don't care about color accuracy, or a having a full tonal range, or image noise, or lots of the things some people on this forum and DPReview generally do care about. We'd probably get many people looking at us like we're crazy if they knew we use colorimeters to calibrate and profile our screens, or use spectrophotometers to profile our printers.

But obviously some people do care, which is why you and I and more than a few others have and use colorimeters and spectrophotometers, etc. And the reason print fade resistance tests get conducted is that Epson pays Wilhelm or some of us fund Aardenburg or whatever--because we care.

And those who care probably ought to take some interest in looking for and at the best fade resistance data they can get, and understanding what that data tells them.

And those who don't care are welcome to ignore all that.

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