Q2 JPEG and Raw file size

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I have had a Q2 for a while and love its simplicity, ease of use , evf, lens and colours etc. However I have one complaint and that is file size of the Raws. Unfortunately the jpegs are markedly inferior to the raws. It’s one area where Leica really need to work. Canons, Fuji’s and Olympus manage to produce jpegs which without editing are generally very good, not perfect but good. You resort to raw with them when the dynamic range is very wide or you really need to pull shadows. Sometimes it takes a lot of work to get the Raws as good as the jpegs. In the Q2 the Raws are simply beautiful right out of camera, the best Raw files I have used period. However the Jpegs lack contrast and are quite lack lustre in comparison.

Ideally I would like a much improved JPEG, but could we please at least have a compressed Raw on the Q2 like the M11?

I have just been on a 6 week road trip around the USA and after much consideration I eventually took a Fuji setup, the main reason being that I didnt want to deal with 80mb Raw files. Time is limited on the Road and I didnt want to spend my evenings trying to upload, edit and catalogue such huge files on my iPad Pro.

The Fuji an x-s10 with 16-80 apsc performed surprisingly well and was an easy setup to deal with.

So please Leica try to get your jpegs to reflect your raws albeit with less flexibility and/or provide us with a compressed raw output firmware upgrade.

It is unlikely that Leica is monitoring this forum.

You’d be surprised.

Yes, I would be, as they do not seem to be monitoring the specialized l-camera-forum.com. Only after Leica was contacted directly did we see a reaction.

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