Z7II vs. Z6II for upcoming video

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Re: Z7II vs. Z6II for upcoming video

Ellis Vener wrote:

shuncheung wrote:

If you specialize in video, I would get the Z6ii. For occasional usage, the Z7ii is fine and better compliments your Z7 overall for still photography.

I agree with Shun. But according to the video editor I use, the 4K Z 7ii video files are excellent. Whether I use an external recorder or not, she prefers I use the Flat profile if there is any post-shoot color grading work a client requires.
External Recorders and microphones:

As a video/basic audio external recorder I use the Atoms Ninja V and for higher quality multi-channel Audio the Zoom F6 (https://zoomcorp.com/en/us/field-recorders/field-recorders/f6/). The 32-bit float feature of the F6 is like shooting raw files but better and a mostly Røde mics (a shotgun and Go lava) and a Azden SMX-30 stereo/mono mic (https://www.azden.com/smx-30-stereo-mono-switchable-video-microphone/.)

Camera Support:

After years of using a Benro S8 fluid head, I know use Manfrotto Nitrotech 608 fluid head (https://www.manfrotto.com/us-en/nitrotech-608-fluid-video-head-with-continuous-cbs-mvh608ahus/)

And recently I purchased a Rhine Arc II head with a carbon fiber 24-inch slider, along wit the optional heavy duty motor for the slider and the optional focus modulehttps://rhinocameragear.com/pages/rhino-arc-ii
I am very impressed with the overall quality and versatility of the Rhino Arc II.

Movements with the Arc II are amazingly smooth and the head can used with just a tripod or other support like a jib.
Speaking of camera jibs.

I also sometimes use a Kessler Pocket Jib Traveler https://kesslercrane.com/collections/pocket-jib-traveler
I thought I'd be using a jib more than I actually do, but the PJT is quick to set up, use, and backup.

While I have Final Cut Pro X , the freelance video editor I work with uses Adobe Premier. I have friends who like the basic (fee) version of DaVinci software but I've never used it.
The reason I hire a video editor is that she does a better job than I do and she does it about a hundred times faster.

Ellis, thank you so much. This is ALL great info. I just added a (refurbished) Z7II to the kit (hopefully the refurbished part wasn't a mistake) and a Matthews 6X6 silk kit to the lighting inventory as most of the interviews will be out on construction locations, both in progress and completed sites. https://www.bhphotovideo.com/c/product/184349-REG/Matthews_309108_Light_Duty_Butterfly_Kit.html

I'm using my Zoom H5 for sound recording and picked up the Rode Wireless Go II system to work with my Sennheiser MKE lavalier. I'm going to rent a Sennheiser MKE 416 shotgun to try out and see how I like it. I'm finding I literally need a check list before rolling camera with all this stuff. I continuously forget to push record on the Zoom as monitoring sound always sounds so great. I'm also feeding a line from the H5 back into the camera.

How did you find your video editor? That's the next integral component for me.

Cheers! and thanks again.

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