battery grip for R7?

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Re: battery grip for R7?

PhotosFlight wrote:

Methodical wrote:

According to Rudy Winston there is no grip for the R7.

Interesting though. I was just reading a post that asked if the grip was worth it for the R5 and most posters stated that it was not worth back in March '21, now that there's no grip for the R7, the opposite seems to be stated a year later. I don't know if it's the same posters though. Just found that interesting. I think it's odd Canon did or will not produce a grip for the R7. I for one don't shoot without a grip. I gripped all cameras that were non 1D bodies.

I think when we call it a "battery grip" (which of course it is) there is confusion. Even if batteries lasted indefinitely I'd get a grip. It's about ergonomics. My pinky hangs off the the R7. Not a good feeling when there is a 300 f 2.8 on the front of it. This is a hand holdable lens (for me) but I'd prefer a better hold on the camera. And the nice thing about a grip is I can take it off when I travel and the camera packs more easily. Eliminating such a simple form of flexibility is extraordinarily shortsighted.

You have the same pinky syndrome as me.  Mine hangs in lala land, too, and that's one of the reason I always grip my cameras.

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