Before sending my GFX 100s in for repair a 3rd time.....

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Before sending my GFX 100s in for repair a 3rd time.....

I was hoping to maybe get some advice or opinions.....

I got my 100s in May 2021, it was my first Fujifilm camera. I've really enjoyed it the past year and the quality and color from this speaks for itself. But right now however I'm completely stressed out with it, and it pains me to say this, might be forced to go back to Sony (I REALLY don't want to)

So it started last early September, I was at an event and as I was trying to autofocus with my 45-100mm lens, I can hear the IS being engaged trying to focus, and the bit of noise you may hear it normally make instead, its like its hunting or having trouble staying locked on it continues longer and sounds like someone dragging a chair across a wooden floor, or a trumpet. Its as if the IS gets stuck. Then I get the dreaded "Turn your camera off and on again" on the screen. Which doesn't tell you anything as to what's causing the problem. (does it in S or C mode,or IS on or off)). Of course I thought its the lens causing this. I only had the one lens 45-100mm at the time. But I had a manual film lens, which worked ok in manual mode.. it was only when autofocusing. I could also get this to happen by viewing a picture, the same way the lens and camera seems to communicate when doing that.  It also seems to happen more with low light, as if it stuggles to find focus, and just jams up, but it happens in bright sunlight also. Fujifilm asked me to send the camera and lens in as well as well as send them a video of the problem.

I just remembered I still have the video on my phone, here it is

I received the camera back and the repair sheet said "completed wire installation". Ok so it seemed to be working again.

About the 3rd week in October, a week before I had a 5 day trip planned specifically to photograph, it started again! Same exact problem. Although this time it got so bad that it was doing it simply by turning the camera on. Like that camera lens initiation connection or whatever it does. This time it was giving me the error nearly every time i turned on the camera. So you can imagine I was extremely upset having to send my camera in once again, and miss out on my trip and out about $600 also (from the trip, everything was still under warranty of course) To rub salt in the wound and this just makes it feel so much worse. The event I was going to was in New Jersey, the hotel i was going to be staying at is RIGHT across the street from Fujifilm repair. They don't allow customers into the building they said, i pleaded with them to allow me to do over night shipping, let me come pick it up in person. They weren't having it. Before sending it in, I asked them if it can be completely replaced, as it seems I got a lemon. I'm not a professional, but this is still a ton of money to spend on something and get this kind of service. I live on disability income, so trust me when I say this is my prized item that I own, and money is tight.

So once again I get it back, this time the repair sheet says they replaced the shutter (the numbers didn't get reset which I thought was odd?) the sensor, and something else I can't make out. Again, the lens was fine they said.

Since then everything as been fine, although did occasionally have this still happen. Friends of mine who were long time fuji users just told me they can be finicky and stuff like that happens from time to time.

Well, in the past few weeks, I have been noticing it happening a bit more frequent. Then a week ago saturday, out at an event (the first one I was at since the one i missed in Oct oddly enough) it started doing it non-stop throughout the day. Bad enough trying to deal with the slow as hell eye focus when taking portraits but then having to excuse yourself while turning your camera on and off a few times. But now I'm able to reproduce the issue at any time. Unlike before however I own the 50mm and 63mm lenses, they never do it at all. They also don't have built in IS, so once again Im scratching my head thinking it's my 45-100 lens causing the issue, but what do I know. I've cleaned the contacts of my camera and lens, that doesn't seem to do anything. I'm extremely frustrated knowing i got a camera I have no faith in, and can just crap out on me at any time, plus now that my warranty is up, whats the possible cost going to be? If have to pay a dime on this, I'm getting rid of it all. I'm not going to continue to put up with this. I've had Nikons, Canons, Sony's, never an issue to this degree. My warranty for the 45-100 was up in March also

So before calling Fuji up again, I was hoping to get some advice, maybe someone out there might have experience something similar, or have a solution. Or even advice on what I should say to Fuji when I call them to get them to pay for this. I know some time has passed since the 2nd repair, but it's clearly the very same issue again. Do they ever make exceptions like this?

Any, and all help, advice is appreciated. Thanks,


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