R5 battery grip failure and replacement....

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R5 battery grip failure and replacement....

Hmmmm. I have LOTS of thoughts about this, and I'm curious how you feel about all of this ?

Okay, so first off, this OEM battery grip, for which their is still no aftermarket replacement, was, IMPO, ridiculously overpriced for what it is. Probably costs them $30 to make it, and they are selling for $350 ! Wouldn't be quite as bad, if it felt like a solid, well built piece of equipment..... Now, on this note, once the batteries are (carefully, and gently) loaded, the grip locks on the camera well, and feels great on the camera. But that battery tray and the little spring clips... ? are you kidding me ? It feels like it will fall apart if you breathe on it too hard !

So naturally, when I first got it, I thought to myself > Well, I guess as long as it never fails, I'll be okay with the fact that it feels really cheap, and ready to fail at any second.

Well, it lasted about 8 months And it NEVER had any drops, or bangs, or anything that should have caused premature failure.

The problem I had was, my camera started to pop up with a message saying > "Battery Communication Error". Removing the battery tray, and firmly seating it back in would usually fix this problem. But I could tell it was getting worse, and would sometimes have to be removed and put back on a few X's. I did try cleaning all of the contacts on the grip, camera, and batteries, but with no success.

So, being less than 1 yr old, I finally sent it back to Canon, and explained the problem... and probably most importantly, I told them that after putting the single battery door back on, I had gone through every one of my 6 batteries individually and had not had a single problem, so I (and the Canon tech guy I spoke to ahead of time, by phone) were pretty sure it was a problem specifically with the grip.

Now here's where it gets interesting, As I told my GF before hearing back from Canon, I bet they will not even bother to try to repair it (again, probably cost Canon $30... and how much do they pay their tech guys per hour ?) and sure enough. When I got my brand new grip back, it had a note which read, "This item is not repairable, so we have included a brand new item to replace it".

Well this is great and all..... except for one thing, I'm assuming this brand new replacement does NOT have a "1 yr from now" warranty So when it also fails in 8 months, what the hell do I do ???

I sure as hell couldn't see paying another $350 for a grip which felt WAY overpriced, and super cheap and flimsy to begin with !

I LOVE my R5 camera... but this grip continues to be a very sore subject. What the hell Canon ?

PS, for the couple weeks I had to do without my grip, my camera felt tiny, stupid, and very hard to get a grip on. Plus, I was constantly having to change my battery. Just horrible.

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