Who uses the OOC JPG's ?

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Re: Who uses the OOC JPG's ?

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Panasonic shooter, and I use them a LOT. The G9 jpeg engine is a huge update over the previous models/versions. I'm one of those weirdos who actually likes the more realistic colours of the Panasonic flavour, and I actually started a thread a while back on this exact subject. With examples too. I'll have a look and see if I can dig it up. One of the the main reason too, why I like Silkypix, as it can reproduce the EXACT same colours and contrast etc from raw, as the in camera converter.

Why are you a weird for liking Panasonic colors? I've so many images/videos from Panasonic cameras they are quite good with pleasing colors.

Because we're in the Olymp, ooops, OM, ooops m4/3 forum. Everyone knows that Olymp, ooops, I mean OMD jpeg colours come straight from the hand of Jesus. It's almost disrespectful to like Panasonic colour

i see shooting jpg as going to McDonalds and ordering a salad

Are you just trying to be provocative? What do you get when you process a raw file , usually a jpg ? Welcome to McDonalds

this whole thread is provocative and as usual the jpg shooters coming across as the pushy ones, a raw file has more information so more flexible for editing

i would be cautious about polar stereotyping people into groups,  and equally attempting to suggest a self a riotousness based on your perceptions of others.

You may have seen I previously have commented that raw files do indeed have more data , even if you can’t actually see it. It is also true that you can rescue a raw file that is , for example,  poorly exposed much more than you can a jpg.

however if you do correctly expose a jpg , it will be indistinguishable from a processed raw file if you have set up your camera to not overly sharpen etc.

Raw is fine if you like to fiddle with files and add your own interpretation with, for example colour enhancement , or balance the exposure on a high contrast image. When you are done and you export , it’s still a jpg, and has no more merit that one cooked in your camera. It may even less consistent if part of a set.

it’s also easy to overlook how skilled some jpg shooters are in matters of the art and craft of photography . As were film photographers using slide film with less latitude than many modern jpgs have . That is photographic accomplishment. On the other hand is is easy to say, I shoot raw, to parody a well known utuber.

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