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Re: XF or H6D

ampimagedotcom wrote:

photosandmusic wrote:

Budget not really a concern luckily...
.. Is there anything I haven’t thought of?

The Phase One XF Camera System or the Hasselblad H6D would currently be the best.


I am not sure that is a given thing.

Both XF and the H6D are SLR designs. That means that focusing is done using a focusing system having a different path from the system taking the image.

GFX and X1D focus off the sensor and the focus point is movable across almost all of the sensor. So, mirrorless systems can focus very accurately.

It is not clear that HC lenses or Phase One lenses are better than GF or X-system lenses.

The 54x41 mm sensors are obviously larger than the 44x34 sensors in GF and X1D and the 150 MP sensor in the IQ4150 even has more pixels. The size yields some advantage in noise related parameters, but not a huge difference.

My guess would be GFX 100/100S and the upcoming X2D may be best options.

After all, it is about image quality, usability or even some look, neither of those parameters is linked to price tag.

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