The Canon 5DSr Opinions Requested

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The Canon 5DSr Opinions Requested

My current camera inventory consists of a Canon 5D2 and two P&Ss. I’ve wanted to upgrade the 5D2’s capacity for years now but the successor Canon cameras, while in total are clear upgrades, aren’t nearly worth the cost to me because the upgrades trend toward features I wouldn’t miss if they weren’t included. The key class of these is video. I have no interest in a DSLR conformed body as a video machine so resent paying big bucks to get what I’d rather not be there.

Meanwhile, simple upgrades I wish for, such as an articulating screen, remains MIA in the IV.

So I’m considering the 5DSr which has some upgrade features mostly resolution but at a cost I can accept now where the real upgrade would be in the R family which is completely out of reach or even more radically to go Sony or Nikon MILC either of which is a financial fantasyland for me now.

I’m reading the reviews at its release time a half dozen or so years ago. All of them mark the camera down on two concerns I share: DR and physical control. They imply that it’s nearly impossible to get good results snapping offhand. The reviewers, both pro and peer, blame the ultra high (for then) rez. However, subsequent cameras such as the MILC Sonys, Z Nikons, the DSLR D850 Nikons and the mirrorless P&S Leica Q2 or M11 (to name a few) all have such rez yet not one reviewer I found says the same about any of them.

I know a snapper using the D850 for example, who snaps birds using 300mm or even longer IS lenses with success.

So those who have this body, is it truly so difficult to get good offhand results using this body that for all practical snapping this is a tripod or at least a monopod only camera? A tripod only camera isn’t useless to me, but it’s close. Ideally, I'd trade the 5D2 in on the 5DSr to save a couple of hundred. This would mean the new camera body would operate as a superset to the old body but it'd have to be as useful offhand for that to occur.

Is the DR so pathetic by today's standards that almost all shadow detail is lost forever?

TIA for any comments.

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If I post one of my images, C&C both positive and negative is welcome.

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