Results Mini-Challenge #589 - What the Locals Photograph

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Results Mini-Challenge #589 - What the Locals Photograph

Thanks all for the submissions and exhibits. I haven't travelled out of region in a year and half and out of country for 3 years. It was nice to see what other people see. I truly liked every submission that ranged from vast expanse to right in front of the lens.

Honourable Mentions

Gloaming's "Twins" - Juvenile deer on Vancouver Island.

An adorable sight but certainly frustrating when they are helping themselves to the garden or blocking the road.

FerruginousHawk's "Green Leaves after the rain"

Often there is wonder right in front of our eyes. This was great closeup of the texture of the leaves, colour and circulatory system. The water drops give additional local magnification making little mini exhibits.

S_L "It's all about nature and mountains in Switzerland."

This photo took some time to work through. Seemed like if I broke it into a tic tac toe board, each square could be a scene alone with water falls, ridgelines, forested details.


3rd Place - RLBur "Joshua Trees, native to the Mojave Desert."

Blue hour and the fading sun. The silhouettes of the trees are mimicked by the utility poles off in the distance...or is it the other way around?

2nd Place: Gloaming's "Smoke"

The mountain scene looks peaceful at first. Is it mist, is it cloud? Knowing it is forest fire smoke and the vast range of mountains, I imagine the land ablaze. So, the photo draws me in and then sends me on a mental journey on how nature, winds, or even humans contributed. This was the most popular by vote.

Of course, this was taken at 9KM ASL, However, these are local mountains, the Coast Range, in British Columbia. The smoke is almost an annual occurrence, regrettably, and I suppose we'll have to point at global warming. What you see here is evidence of vast forest fires covering thousands of hectares.

1st Place: Labrie's "Listeners "

This photo had me curious. The dark night and mysterious windows. Are people asleep, is anyone home? The dishes do make it look as if it is some sort of surveillance station. The enjoyed the shapes, mood and a bit of the history on the building. Well done, I turn the next challenge over to you

An example of traditional architecture: "familok" ("family house"). Usually 8-12 flats, red brick, built by big enterprises (steel mills, mines) for workers in 19th and early 20th century.

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