Best portrait combo in existence

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Re: Best portrait combo in existence

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Hijacked my poor wife for one of my first shots with the 110. What a beauty of a lens, even with my mediocre talent at getting to grips with an entirely new system...

I really like this shot! And the lens is just phenomenal. I look forward to more shared work with it, enjoy

Nice shot but focus off is giving it that look.

However he is shooting with USD$20,000.00 + gear and quite happy no matter "THE FOCUS" Kudo's to the OP I love it..

Lotta tradeoffs in setting up this image. At f/2, you're not going to get the iris, eyelashes, and eyebrows in focus simultaneously. If that's OK, then you need to decide which is going to be in focus. There also appears to be a bit of camera or subject movement due to the 1/60 second shutter speed. Increasing the shutter speed a stop would help with that, but add a bit more noise. I would have stopped down a bit, bumped the ISO and the shutter speed, but that's just me. I'm not a fan of the OOF eyebrows look.

However, I don't think the focusing is off if the desire was to compromise the sharpness of the irises, eyelashes, and eyebrows.

I used to own the legendary Leica M Noctilux f1.0

Of course it was developed when film only offered modest ISO ability and the only way to shoot in truly low light was with truly fast glass.

However the DOF was so razor thin at f1 that the lens was not good for portraits at all in low light - especially given the tricksy focus on an M camera which is even harder to get right in bad light.

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