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One question...........

What percentage of the population really cares about fading?

1.  It really doesn't bother me, as I just print another print if something fads badly which I haven't experienced yet.

2.  My wedding clients don't care about fading, as their photos are in albums and don't seem to fad at all.  Plus the trend right now for my area is they don't want prints anymore.  The 2 relatives' weddings I shot in June only want non-edited photos on a flash drive to upload to social media sites. I said I will give you an album of prints for free and they said thanks, but no.  I said how will you read these wedding photo files on the flash drive 50 years from now, they said they didn't care!!!

3.  My dentist office has many landscape prints on canvas printed by MPIX.  These prints are about 5 years old and faded badly.  Environment?

The following print was made with one of Epson's first dye ink photo printers.  I think it was a model 870 approximately 20 years ago.  The print sat on a table in an extremely hot/cold attic with windows in PA for 16 of those 20 years.

It still looks like when I printed and the Epson inks in that day were known to fade badly on certain papers......

Epson V500 scan of the print..........

Bob P.

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