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kelpdiver wrote:

As for $1800 strobes...the boutique offerings are shiny, but I don't think essential. Same for $2400 video lights.

Talking replacements for old YS-250's here, and these were definitely big bright lights. (Also, $2400 strobes, $1800 video lights) The divers using them were lighting up large sites like wrecks. Oh, there were also the remote controlled ones, for caves and the like.

Sure, there are things they can do.   But do you?   For macro shooting, which you do a lot of at Roatan, there's nothing added from the $500-700 class of YS-D3/Inon 330/Ikelite DS161 class strobes.

Putting little lights on tripods close to their targets can also work for those grand WAs, or using models with their lights is always a winning look.   But fighting the water is a losing battle in general.  10x the power to get 2x the distance, if you're lucky.   At a cost to frame rate.   The D3s can fire continuously at lower power settings, very useful when you have a camera that can do > 10fps.   Less important for macro, but great for animal swim bys.

For $4800, I'd be looking at those exotic nauticam lenses that let you do wide and and macro on the same dive.

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