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die_kruzen wrote:

Hello all and thank you for the responses!

Brett - yeah, might make sense to mention my camera LOL. At the moment, it's an A7III. Thoughts in this thread seem spot on. There might be some merit to the mixed lighting situation. In some cases, my pictures looked good inside. However, others came out crazy yellowish. And, it very well could be the AWB getting confused.

I do shoot RAW+jpg and can make the changes in post, however I would like to get the results SOOC the best I can.

I will change the wb to ambient priority first and see how that does. Then set WB to daylight like Lan suggested if needed. Perhaps between the two, I will get some more consistent results. And yes, I can see how AWB could be the culprit of many of the complaints about sony color.

As a side -- this doesn't happen often I just noticed it sometimes more than others .

Thank you again all. This

I would actually try white priority first, an example is if you’re in a room that is illuminated by incandescent bulbs ambient priority  will make a white wall appear slightly yellow but white priority will make that white wall look white, in theory at least

incandescent light is in fact yellow so should the white walls appear white or should they appear yellow? I guess that is the question and stylistic Choice that you get to answer by choosing auto White or auto ambient.

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