Who uses the OOC JPG's ?

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ahaslett wrote:

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Gourownway wrote:

Nice, and a clear demonstration that jpgs are often of sufficient quality that makes pp unnecessary.

I have thought this for a long time, but it seems there are a lot of folk on YouTube ready to tell you that you must shoot raw to be a proper photographer.

i will not deny that there are circumstances where having the raw file is valuable , for example if you have under or over exposed you have more latitude to recover detail from a raw file. However the quest for me it to get it right in camera and learn from my mistakes.

there is no right or wrong, whatever suits your personal taste/needs or whatever you enjoy doing

i do not think I was suggesting there was a right or a wrong.

however there plenty that do argue one way or another for what is right.

Possibly your comment about over and under exposure, which isn’t how a RAW shooter thinks about ISO.

I’m also not arguing which is best, but if you are going to process your jpegs, you might as well shoot RAW and have a standard default profile. Indeed, if you use OWS, you start from the jpeg settings and have access to AI noise reduction.

I don’t use OWS, but it’s on my desktop just in case. PhotoLab has better NR and C1 is easier to use.


thanks Andrew, I see that I was not clear. I set my camera to raw and SF jpg. I never process a jpg. If it’s spot on then all is good, if not then press delete.
I was acknowledging that raw has more latitude for exposure correction. That was a for examples sake.
for me it’s jpg all the way , I shoot with the Mindset I need to get it right in camera. This is not something I consider a virtue, I do not like spending my time playing with sliders etc, especially given most jpgs  look better than I can make them with a raw file.

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