So, you wanted a large format printer... ;-)

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Keith Cooper
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So, you wanted a large format printer... ;-)

Since I've had the P7500 here, I've had several people ask if a large printer like this (or P7000 or Canon PRO-2100) was a a good idea to buy.

Well, it depends... You need to have enough use for it - they are meant for serious use after all.

Whilst making some more videos covering the P7500, I recorded this, which I hope might be of interest for anyone wondering about getting such a printer.

TLDW: Unless you have enough printing to make a business from it, consider the expense (initial and ongoing) akin to getting yourself a classic car. Oh and have a good idea just what you are going to do with all those prints!

It's ~20 mins, so here's an index

  • 00:00 Start
  • 00:19 Why do people want such printers
  • 00:35 Costs
  • 01:40 Running costs
  • 03:00 Using the printer enough
  • 03:56 Would you buy a used printer?
  • 04:20 Repair costs
  • 05:06 Canon/Epson choices
  • 05:30 Print heads
  • 06:23 Paper use and roll paper use
  • 07:58 How much use for the printer
  • 08:18 Software for the printer - do you need a RIP
  • 09:15 Yes, an extended warranty is a good idea
  • 10:11 The economics of running these printers
  • 12:00 Enough use for the printer?
  • 12:45 Doing prints for other people
  • 13:58 Is your photography up to it?
  • 15:10 Colour management and icc profiles
  • 15:48 Are you sure you want to run a print business?
  • 18:00 Am I trying to dissuade people from getting a big printer?
  • 19:35 Learning how to get the most from your printer
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