V1 + 10-100 VR at a concert

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Re: V1 + 10-100 VR at a concert

André BARELIER wrote:


Yesterday, I went to Charlie Jazz Festival, as I do every year. I have some friends working there. It's a very friendly event.

I took the V1 + 10-100, just for fun, to see what I could achieve. I was sitting at the first row, so it was easy to take pictures, but I could nor move.

Here are just 3 photos from the evening. Not excellent, but not bad either. More to come (the festival lasts for 3 days).

This is Thomas de Porquery. KInd of Sun Ra spiritual son, for those who are interested in jazz. The picture is not very good, but well...

This guy was playing in Thomas de Porquery band. Forgot his name....

This picture looks good to me. It's Vincent Peirani, a wonderful french musician playing accordion. And a very nice guy.

More to come.

I'm wondering if I'll take the J5 tonight. Image quality will be much better. But in this kind of situation, the EVF is almost mandatory for me. We'll see...

Thanks for looking

Great 'live' photos! More please !

PS: you missed a letter in his last name https://fr.wikipedia.org/wiki/Thomas_de_Pourquery

The other saxophonist is Laurent Bardainne, looking at: https://www.charlie-jazz.com/agenda/thomas-de-pourquery-supersonic-back-to-the-moon

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