budget digital back, recommendations?

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Re: budget digital back, recommendations?

johnaugust11 wrote:

models i'm considering instead:
- phase one p25+
- phase one p45+
- phase one p65+
- Imacon hasselblad cfh-39

what do you recommend?

What type of stuff are you shooting and how are your images being used?

I have both the P25 (which I bought back in 2004) and the P25+ (which I bought as a backup) - which, like Colin, I use on the 503's and on the Flexbody...

.. I also used the P45 for a few months after it first came out - but didn't upgrade because I honestly couldn’t see any difference when 'the real ink hits the page', even when printed in a A3+ size catalogue over two pages on really good quality paper at 200lpi.

I also can't see any difference between 50iso & 100iso - even on screen at 100% - hence my questions above.

Because the only real difference might be, your hard drives will fill up much faster.

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