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Re: Best portrait combo in existence

photosandmusic wrote:

As per the title. Budget not really a concern luckily. Torn between GFX100S with the 110mm or waiting for the new Hasselblad X2D and lenses.
Is there anything I haven’t thought of? Moving away from Leica and find Sony too clinical and with exasperating menus.

There is no simple answer.

What is clinical?

  • Is it a lens that reproduces fine detail correctly?
  • Is it a lens that exceeds the resolution of the sensor, thus yielding artifacts?

Some lenses have significant spherical aberrations and render the image softly, while still resolving detail, albeit at low contrast. These lenses may yield pleasant back ground blur.

In essence, a good lens would reproduce detail correctly, that is neither add or substract.
With digital imaging we have an issue with the sensor sampling at a specific resolution. Once the lens projects significant details past that resolution artifacts will result.
That issue can be counteracted by:

  • Using a well designed OLP filter in front of the sensor.
  • Having a sensor with high enough resolution to handle all detail from the lens.

Many times, resolution (*) may be photographer limited. Things like a bit of defocus, camera shake induced by photographer, wind or shutter shake may reduce resolution (*) so artifacts are avoided.
Also, artifacts may not be obvious.

So, when you aim for 'the best lens', what are your aims?

For the best and most accurate detail you would need the sharpest lens with the best sensor. In the GFX system that would be GFX 100/100S with the GF 110/2 lens.

As a small example, which of the images below would you prefer? Image E had a bit different light, sorry for that...

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