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Hello all. Just got back from a family vacation and after reviewing some of my photos, I found that some of the white balances were spot on using AWB. However in some cases when moving from outside on a sunny day to indoors (in my case a store) the AWB seemed to turn things very yellow. During our time outdoors, we went for a hike that included walking through very shaded areas to wide open spaces with no trees overhead to indoors (restaurants, shopping). With that I got to thinking how do you cope with changing scenes and white balance? Is it possible to keep switching up white balances for all these changing conditions?

Thank you in advance.

Hard to give you the best information without knowing the camera model and seeing the photos but sunny daylight temperature is much cooler than indoor lighting color temperature and light from the sun on a sunny day is also much brighter so if you have light coming in from windows your primary light source could easily still be the sun even indoors. Setting WB to the daylight color will make the light from the interior lights look very yellow but If you set the WB for the interior lights, the light coming in from the windows will look very blue so sometimes there just isn’t a good WB to set. This is called a mixed lighting situation and it can be difficult to handle. The human brain is very good at processing these situations so that we don’t perceive this phenomenon with our eyes in real life but cameras are unable to do this. So you have to

This is one of the many reasons flash is used indoors because the flash will over power the interior lights and is closer to daylight color temperature so you won’t have competing light source colors.

There’s also a setting on Sony cameras to change your auto white balance from auto, ambient priority, or white priority. Ambient will try to match your ambient light temperature and white will try to make white surfaces white. Auto is somewhere in the middle. You could test out the different modes to see if you prefer one over the other. You can also use a white card to manually set the white balance for each changing scene

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