Best portrait combo in existence

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Re: Best portrait combo in existence

JimKasson wrote:

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photosandmusic wrote:

Just took the plunge. 50mm, 110mm and 250mm along with the 100S 😳

arriving tomorrow. All bases covered.

Nice!! Great combination and you found a 250mm. I heard those are hard to find.

Two, minor consideration: (1) the Fuji hand grip (it is a thin metal bottom) for me makes the camera so comfortable in my hands. Whenever I have a photographer hood my gfx100s I take off the handgrip and put it back on. They shake their heads laughing on how small a piece adds so much more comfort; and (2) consider the 18mm macro tube as it will be fun and might be real fun with the 250.

For some, the lack of battery access when the Fuji grip is attached makes it a nonstarter. Those people have alternatives:

Are they as comfortable? For me the flat plate bottom feels much better then skeleton structures.  But yeah on tripod I understand where you are coming from.

Regarding off tripod, you do not need to totally remove Fuji’s handgrip to replace batteries. You can unscrew handgrip a bit and swing the grip so grip will be hanging from camera as change out battery.  
As for protection, I suspect full plate is better.  I have not looked but a friend mentioned that there is a bit of damage to camera bottoms being sold on eBay.

Do you know or suspect the rational of the full plate used by manufacturers like Fujifilm and Leica over the skeletal structures grips?

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