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I'm pretty sure you can just load the firmware onto the sd card and install it from the camera directly. This is what I've done with the nx1.

As a Linux user I've never had access to any of Samsung's camera apps. I've updated all my cameras (NX10 right up to NX1) and lenses directly from card. Works perfectly well and is probably quicker.

As a precaution, once the update has been successful I always delete the .bin file form the card immediately. Don't want to accidentally 'brick' another NX model by mistake.

I've sourced all my firmware updates from this excellent site;

Not sure if it's still active.

Bricking it is what I am trying to avoid.

There really is nothing to worry about as long as you exercise due care and attention.

1 - Make sure you've got the correct firmware. Usually comes as a .zip file. Extract it and copy the .bin file to the root of a memory card.

2 - Make sure battery fully charged. Some models will let you update whilst plugged into USB cable and charging. May refuse to update if battery is lower that 80% (I think).

3 - Go through update procedure. Restart camera to check new version is installed.

4 - Delete .bin file immediately.

Same procedures for lenses.

I've never had any issues. As Mark says, probably safer that using a computer.

Hope this gives you the reassurance you need.

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